Since SPCRD is established as an independent private educational research Center to work for the solutions of all Development Issues at regional, national and international levels with the objective to promote multidisciplinary research and training, following are the general and suggested research themes for conducting and contributing research in various journals of the Center.

  1. National and World Economies with the role of a Society
  2. Macroeconomic and Microeconomics Issues
  3. Globalization and International Economic Issues
  4. Poverty, Inequalities, Labor and Employment Issues
  5. Population, Environment, Urbanization and Development
  6. Gender, Well being and Human Development
  7. Industry, Technology and Trade
  8. Primary & Large-Scale Manufacturing and Producing Sectors
  9. Agrarian & Rural Issues and Economic Institutions
  10. Money and Capital Markets, Microfinance and Inclusion
  11. Research and Technological Development
  12. Inclusive Growth and Development
  13. Environmental Issues and Concept of Sustainable Development
  14. Educational, Psychological, Social and Cultural Issues of the Societies
  15. Businesses, Financial Markets and Managerial Issues
  16. Business and Entrepreneurial Issues and Sustainable Solutions
  17. Issues in Legal and Corporate Laws
  18. Role of Local, National and Foreign Languages for Educational Development
  19. Role of Sports in Societal Development for preferment of Harmony and Peace
  20. Issues in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
  21. Global Languages, Cultural Issues, Civilization and History
  22. Role of Computer Sciences & Information Technology in Research and Development
  23. Issues in Computational Sciences: Programming, Construction of Models and Estimations
  24. Issues in the disciplines Engineering, Technology and Innovation Development

The Center believes passionately that cutting-edge research, knowledge and mutual learning are crucial in shaping the transformations needed to reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build more inclusive and secure societies. In line with our engaged excellence approach at the Center, we are committed to collaborating closely with local civil society, governments, international organizations, citizens, NGOs, donors, researchers and many others to realize this positive change in the shape of establishing SPCRD. Therefore, the scope of this Center is not only limited to offering the solutions of local, national & international socio-economic problems but also helps out to offer the services of publishing Journals, Edited Books and  providing consultancy.