It’s my immense pleasure to introduce and welcome you to South Punjab Center for Research and Development (SPCRD) through Center’s website. The SPCRD is an International Research Center which offers a unique platform for knowledge seeking, development and sharing through publishing a quality research, consultancy and training in all the disciplines of Social Sciences globally.
The SPCRD puts special efforts and emphasis on fostering the fundamental values of academic freedom, research & development, equitable access and opportunities for publishing research appreciation for having diverse opinion and freedom, ethics and integrity at all levels globally. Keeping in view my long-term association (about 40 years) with higher education, research and development, I have tried to open up new horizons and avenues for publishing scholarly research, valuable ideas and reviews getting through Center’s Journals, training opportunities and consultancy.
I am pleased to public that SPCRD had started its journey together with CSRC for pursuing research activities and organizing / arranging International Conferences in addition to collaboration of some other national and international institutions which is continued presently. Consistently, the center loves and promotes collaboration and partnerships for building a truly global community for sharing and exchanging views and discourse on the issues that social scientist and society face for providing sustainable solutions. Subsequently, the Center offers memberships of Associate Research Fellows without any charges just on sending request from your side.
Since the Center offers opportunities of consultancy and training for promotion of research and development activities, the SPCRD is also publishing two research Journals namely READS and REAL of international repute to disseminate and transfer new ideas and scholarly research outcomes addressing to the contemporary issues of global community.
I am pleased to invite you in the capacity of individual scholar, group of researchers, institutes and organizations to take an active part in the coming events and activities of the Center including publishing of your valuable scholarly research outcomes through our peer reviewed International Journals.
I am, finally, thankful to the members of Advisory Boards to advice and support us for achieving our vision and mission through our objectives. Once again, I welcome you all to participate in the research activities of the Center and look forward to welcoming with your ideas and suggestions through social media of the center.

Prof. Dr. A. B. Basit
President, SPCRD